Welcome progress, no matter how small

December 22, 2023

Remember to welcome progress, no matter how small, no matter how late.

It’s easy for someone who’s been shouting warnings from the rooftops to be frustrated that people are only now beginning to listen to them, and then make such small and entirely-insufficient changes based on that “new” information.

But that is what progress looks like. People can’t pay attention to everything, because they have their entire lives to contend with. So when they start to pay attention to your message, it is vital that you don’t turn against them for doing so, but instead nurture their interest and direct their next steps.

Yes, you’ve seen it coming. You’ve been experiencing it. You know what needs to be done to fix the issue. But not everyone does. And when someone begins to show signs of acquiring a sliver of your insight, celebrate it.

That is what progress looks like.