The Intolerance Attractor

June 28, 2022

transphobia, intolerance

The more time we spend examining the psychology of intolerant Americans in modern times, the more I think a common profile emerges. Transphobes, homophobes, misogynists, racists, xenophobes, white supremacists, hyper-nationalists, Fascists…these are not wildly different people. Their personality profiles appear to cluster around some sort of über-trait attractor, and someone who is intolerant in one way is very likely to be intolerant in other ways as well.

Why are transphobes so transphobic?

As a straight, white, middle-aged, college-educated, settled-community, cisgender man, I know that I benefit from more than my fair share of privilege. So if I have found Pride Month somewhat stressful, I can only imagine how others must have felt. Pride Month just isn’t what it used to be. What […]

I can’t quite put my finger on it yet, but it has something to do with an underdeveloped sense of empathy, a longing for a stable social hierarchy, and an aversion to ambiguity.

As we study these psychological profiles, I hope we can begin to nail down what conditions form and feed these harmful traits, in the hopes of some day addressing them and allowing society to grow more tolerant.