Red Dress

April 16, 2015

Photo of a red dress

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What I Learned From My Hospital Stay

February 8, 2015

Last week, fresh out of surgery, I awoke on an articulated bed in a private room. The next four days were spent trying to get some semblance of quality sleep, and trying to get my body to rebound from the pain and shock it had just received.

Spending a few days convalescing on a hospital bed and walking the hallways of my floor changed my perspective on the frailty of our life. I write this blog post while the thoughts are still fresh in my mind, lest I forget them.

Health Matters

It is a considerable luxury to enjoy a healthy life. How quickly the things you take for granted recede from your grasp when your body falters! Enjoying a cup of soup. Taking a walk. Getting out of bed without help. I couldn’t do any of those things during my first full day. It was frustrating to have my skills and usefulness suddenly truncated to some rudimentary level. Yet, there are people among us who suffer daily from even more debilitating ailments.

A healthy life for all should be a natural goal for any self-respecting society. I cannot fathom the logic of those who oppose universal health care. All you have to do is spend a night in a hospital to come to the same conclusion I did: no-one deserves to live like this. Especially not when we have the resources to heal them.

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US Smartphone Market Share

November 8, 2014

Figure: US Smartphone Market Share

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October 21, 2014


My daughter’s favorite giraffe.


October 11, 2014


A parent and his child use a mobile phone and tablet to aid them during a stargazing party.

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