October 21, 2014


My daughter’s favorite giraffe.


October 11, 2014


A parent and his child use a mobile phone and tablet to aid them during a stargazing party.

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Full Moon

October 7, 2014

Full Moon

A shot of the full moon, taken on the night of a lunar eclipse.

I used a 70–200 mm 𝑓/2.8 lens at maximum zoom, plus a 1.7x teleconverter. The picture you see above is a 1:1 crop of the detail area as taken on my D800.

Unfortunately I have to do something called “sleep” tonight, and I’ll miss the actual eclipse. Ah well.

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The Amazing iPhone Home Button

October 2, 2014
Updated October 16, 2016

How many things can the iPhone Home Button do? Let’s see…

  1. Go to home screen (press while unlocked)
  2. Wake the phone from sleep (press while locked)
  3. Launch/cancel fast app switching (double press while unlocked)
  4. Launch Siri (press and hold)
  5. Unlock the phone with Touch ID (touch)
  6. Make a purchase on iTunes Store (touch)
  7. Authorize an app to access a Keychain item (touch)
  8. Enable/disable accessibility options (triple press)
  9. Reachability (double touch)
  10. Apple Pay (double press or touch and hold)
  11. Take a screenshot (press and hold, press sleep/wake button)
  12. Take a stackshot sysdiagnose (press and hold, press a volume button)
  13. Enter DFU mode (no longer works with iPhone 7)
  14. Dismiss Notification Center or Control Center (press while NC or CC is displayed)
  15. Dismiss lock screen camera (press)
  16. Go to the home screen from lock screen (press) (iOS 10)
  17. Dismiss a pulled-down notification (press) (iOS 10)
  18. Make a purchase in Safari (touch) (iOS 10)

Removed functionality:

  1. ✗ Show/hide media playback controls over lock screen (press while locked) (removed in iOS 10)

Credit goes to Guy English for inspiring this.

Update: Found a 15th use.

Update: Updated for iOS 10.

Secure your iPhone with a Long Numeric Passcode

September 28, 2014

A great way to secure your iPhone is to use a long passcode. But setting a typical long passcode that has letters and numbers in it results in an unlock screen that looks like this:

Lock screen with alphanumeric keyboard

I find the alphanumeric keys too small to hit accurately, especially if I’m one-handing the phone.

But did you know you can set a long numeric passcode, and your lock screen will look like this?

Lock screen with long numeric keyboard

So much better! You get the benefits of a long passcode, but you retain the convenience of a large number pad for one-handed use. As a bonus, people can’t tell how long your passcode is, which makes it even harder to guess.

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